Ho avuto l’onore di conoscere Peter Emmerich, un artista fantastico con uno stile incredibile.


One of Lupin 3’s creators, Master Tomonga and the director Namiki, the peak of japanese animation.

In Florence’s Odeon Theater, I had the honor to meet John Nevarez, a fantastic storyboard artist. He worked for Disney, Pixar, Rovio Animation and Sony ImageWorks.


During my second year at Nemo Academy, I met a great artist, Sandro Cleuzo. He worked for the best animation studios in the world.

  • Rovio Animation Company.
  • DreamWorks Animation.
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • Fox Animation Studios
  • Duncan Studios

New year’s first workshop with John Pomeroy, one of the most well-known animation legends, which covered 2D and 3D Animation lessons.

An awesome workshop directed by Disney’s Mark Henn, considered one of the world’s best animators when it comes to Disney princesses.

Two days with Eric Goldberd, character designer of the Genie in “Aladdin“, and Disney’s last 2D masterpiece, “The Princess and the Frog“, an incredible workshop and truly unforgettable for those like me that would love to live in this magic world of animation.

Nemoland 2016: another meeting with the twins Tom and Tony Bancroft. Apart from the amazing workshop, I also played along the Florence Pops Orchestra to celebrate Tom Bancroft‘s prizegiving.