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Animando 2018

My adventure at Nemo Academy ended really well, as I was chosen to participate in Animando: in one exciting month, we had to create a short animated video under the lead of Sandro Cleuzo, Tony Tarantini and John Nevarez.

Okubo Station

My adventure as a freelance artist starts in Okubo Station, a coworking office: in my opinion, the most creative coworking out there. It’s a fantastic place for professional digital artists, as it lets them share their work and experience with others.

John Nevarez

In Florence’s Odeon Theater, I had the honor to meet John Nevarez, a fantastic storyboard artist. He worked for Disney, Pixar, Rovio Animation and Sony ImageWorks.

Sandro Cleuzo

During my second year at Nemo Academy, I met a great artist, Sandro Cleuzo. He worked for the best animation studios in the world.

Rovio Animation Company.
DreamWorks Animation.
Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Fox Animation Studios
Duncan Studios

Hisashi Kagawa

Creator of the characters in Tiger Mask W, One Piece, Sailor Moon.

Another awesome workshop with the japanese animation legend Hisashi Kagawa.